Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Red Booty

With no work on Thursday it was determined, I HAD to ride.  Actually, I already talked about this on Thursday.  D-Wayne made fun of me because  I talked about the temperature and he now lives in a 100 degree year round desert landscape, so he gave me shit.  It's not so much the temperature (I mean, of course at some point it becomes the temperature) but it's the humidity that makes things suck.  But no, Thursday wasn't sooooo bad.

What was bad was the fact that I hit red lights every lap on the Booty Loop... hence I quit that stuff after three laps.  The Booty Loop is convenient.  It's close, it's well known among riders and drivers so it's relatively safe for being right here in the middle of Charlotte (even though people still get hit by cars on the loop), so it's an easy pick when I'm not feeling super motivated.  The down side is that it's short.  And I get bored quickly.  Just like the shorter trails around here, I can't hang for too long.  I like variety on my rides - that's part of the reason why I ride (dirt and road and gravel).  I like to travel, to see new things, to go far distances... I'm not a NASCAR kinda guy that if good with hot laps...  Oh, and for those that are familiar with the loop, Hopedale SUCKS!  Everytime, it just sucks.  It's this incline that is just so deceptive and such a energy suck, it just blows.

Overall, it wasn't such a bad little ride.  I got out on Georgia (still not effectively using gears) managed some PRs and Strava tells me I suffered a bunch.  That's good.  (My Strava data may or not be visible below - it should be, and it's holding space here, but I can't see it, maybe you can?)

Plus, I got to see Freedom Park pretty much completely empty.  Typically when I am passing through there I am navigating families and dogs so I don't really take the time to look around.  It's a shame, because that place was beautiful on Thursday.

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