Monday, July 7, 2014


I did get to ride over the holiday weekend.  Twice, almost three times!  Not bad.  Three would have been great - but I was busy doing other things.

I tell you what, I'm EXHAUSTED after the weekend I had.  4th of July means cookouts, beers, music, fireworks, and all around good times, right?  Right.  This weekend we went to a shindig where there was a band, they were pretty good.  While they were playing a few of us got to talking and figured out that a couple of us knew some of the same stuff, so after they were through they were gracious enough to let us get up and jam out.  It's been way too long since I've played, I totally shredded my fingers.

It's hard to tell from the picture but my fingers tips are totally red raw.  Here is a picture from this morning.


Ok, so that isn't true.

BUT, this weekend was so much fun I totally burnt out my thumb by giving way too many "thumbs up!"

Alright... my weekend was fun, but my hands weren't destroyed in any fun way.  My fingers are raw from handling rocks all weekend.  I drained our pond, cleaned rocks, and got them all organized back in there in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner.  I did such an efficient job that there are stones left over (I'm thinking that's a good thing...).  The pump is back working again - I'm thinking that something was obstructing the water flow causing the pump to over heat and trip the circuit.  Seems ok now, which is great!  Now I've got to work on the landscaping around the pond and things should be shaping up nicely.

I'll get to talking about my biking adventures tomorrow.

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