Wednesday, July 2, 2014

too damn hot for a penguin to be riding a bike

I had big plans yesterday.

Get to the trail early, get in a solo ride and then join the group for some fun.  Sounds good, right?  Felt good too... at first.  My legs were feeling pretty damn good.  Hell, they should, they've been used for beach walking and that's about it!  It was pretty hot out, so I decided to bring three bottles with me just to be safe.  It wasn't long into the ride before the air wrapped me in a nice wool blanket and shut things down quick.  I tried to combat it with water, downing my first bottle in no time and generously spraying my neck and head.  But soon I knew I was on the losing side of this battle and bailouts started looking like real options.

Let alone, ride a bike!

I swear it was in the mid 80s when I started and couldn't imagine that was hot enough to melt me the way it did...  I didn't take a bailout, but I decided to skip the options and ride the main trail all the way out.  That group ride that was happening later... yeah, not for me.  Not today.  No way, no how.  Even if I did cool down I'd have nothing in me.  I got so hot that chunks materialized in my mouth at one point.  Throwing up from the heat really isn't something I strive for on a ride, call me crazy.

When I got back I found some shade and downed a bottle and dumped one on myself.  Then I checked my phone.

A wee hotter than I had thought... not prepared for this heat at all!  Filled up another bottle and downed it.  I stuck around until everyone arrived - continuing to sweat in the shade.  I said "hey" and whatnot and then took off as everyone went out to suffer enjoy the trails.

Guess I need to ride early/late from here on out.  The crazy thing is that the hottest part of the day down here is 3-4 pm is seems... not that I really want to be out on a road ride at noon (I say that now, but watch me do it tomorrow...).

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