Monday, June 9, 2014


Ok, so I'm trying to climb back out of this summertime slack fest I fell hard into since my first day of summer break hit on Thursday. I figure getting back on track (even for a few days since I'll be headed to Aruba soon ) needed to happen sooner than later so I don't "slack" the entire summer away.

I have a bunch of random things to catch up on, (much of which I'll likely forget before ever retelling) but let's ease back into this thing, shall we?

On two straight meetings with TheMutt I received gifts. On the first occasion I was the beneficiary of his ability to procure sponsorship.  He gave me a little "taste" of the goods he gets - ProGold ProLink Chain Lube - with two stickers!!  Bike stuff with stickers tastes so much sweeter. Not that I'll actually taste this stuff as it is chain lube and probably not meant to be ingested.

Actually, quite the opposite!  

It's harmful and/or fatal if swallowed.... so don't swallow it.  AT ALL!!

I'm not quite sure how well it works (I hear good things), currently I'm using Pedro's biodegradable stuff - which is vegetable oil based so you could probably ingest it and be fine - maybe eat some greens while you are at it and have yourself a nice little salad?  But I'll likely give it a go on a day when I'm sure to keep my mouth away from my chain.

The other thing gifted to me was that delicious looking beer you see in the picture.  TheMutt's own home-brew.  Let me tell you, D- Lish- US.  When I popped the top off that sweet bottle (earned points just from the bottle itself!) I got the craziest amazing...est smell ever.  I couldn't quite place it , perhaps a hint of vanilla, but it made my mouth water instantly.  I poured and let it sit as instructed.  It was hard to let it sit so I had to go busy myself with mindless nonsense for a few minutes so I wouldn't rush the taste test.

First sip.  No vanilla/mystery smell hints in it.  But it was smooth.  TheMutt had claimed that it was super hoppy and super bitter, I did get hops (not overly hoppy to the extent that I thought I was drinking christmas tree water or straight eating weed) and not too bitter at all.  The first sip did give me a slight bitter aftertaste, but that was missing from each subsequent taste.  Overall it was a pleasant beer, with an unknown alcohol content that I can only attest to being "solid."  The beer worked!  Very enjoyable beer with no negative notes to it that I could taste in my one.... little... glass.... (not so subtle hint that I would be happen to further my research with another bottle or more).

Big thanks to TheMutt for sharing the wealth, and to ProGold for supporting one heck of a great guy!

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