Tuesday, June 24, 2014

big wheels

I heard a song one time, something about big wheels keep on turning... I dunno.  It doesn't make any real sense to me since I haven't turned over my big wheels (any of them) in over two weeks.  Yeah.  Sucks.

Last week - Aruba = feet in the sand, beer in the hand.
The week prior... no real excuse other than lazily getting ready for vacation.  Laziness leading to not taking care of my bikes (Glow Worm - flat rear now with a tube in it = need to inspect rear tire/more than likely get a new one... Silk Worm - flat rear now with a tube in it = need to inspect the rear to figure out why I flatted in the first place, maybe just switch out the tire...) and then not riding.

Have I progressed on either front?  Not really.  Today is Tuesday.  Tuesday is the day of the social ride.  This Tuesday also happens to be a day of forecasted rain.  Great.

If the rain holds off and the ride is on I have two choices.  Get my ass in gear after work and get a new tire and mount it up tubeless so everything will be right with the world or ride as is with a tube.  Now, why is there even a dilemma?  What is wrong with riding with a tube?  I have no idea.... Really, I don't...  It's been so long since I have ridden with tubes it just seems like a temporary fix and not something you should be doing on the regular.  It's just what my gut makes me feel, ok?

Chances are since The Cycle Path is so close to work I'll head over there, see if they have something that I want to throw on the Glow Worm and take it from there.  If they do, super.  If they don't I'll pout but ride - if the rains don't wash us away.

Even though I haven't been riding (and really need to flip this situation on it's head, it's summer and I have mucho free time it's a sin I'm not hammering myself to death on the trails or even the roads) other have... and they have been in style (?)

Of course, this was a Walmart parking lot - where else?

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