Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I tried.

Yesterday morning it looked like our social ride might get rained out.  Then the forecast got better and it looked like the rain wouldn't happen until after the ride - sweet.  I stopped by and said "hey" to Mark at The Cycle Path and picked up a new rear tire for the Glow Worm.  

Went home, was randomly exhausted.  I had to keep repeating to myself "I should ride" as motivation fell off the face of the planet.  I checked the ride status (still on) and got to messing around with the Glow Worm.  I decided to first see if I could get the current rear tire to seal up in the confines of the Bike Haven.  Some sputtering and she sealed.  Would she hold?  

Hemming and hawing commenced - do I "risk it" or just put the new tire on?

Time was short, old tire stayed and I hauled ass over to the Whitewater Center.  Round the corner to see a red flag flying = trails closed.  I pull up "what happened??" (it hadn't rained up at work, hadn't rained in my hood)

"It rained hard, for like an hour so they shut the trails down... sorry man.  They will be open tomorrow... probably."

I pull into the parking lot and check the forums - about 7 minutes AFTER I checked it was posted that the trail was closed and the ride was moved... across town.  No ride for me.

So I did this instead.

It was good.  Better than a ride and food/beer - probably not.  But it was a decent substitute.

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