Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thank you Mr. Postman

UPS came through, and the heavens shone down upon my glorious pile of bike stuffs.

Since it's Tuesday, and I'll be riding the Glow Worm tonight at a social pace (unless I get to the trail early for a hot lap) I'll focus on Glow Worm specific additions... or rather, addition.

Ritchey WCS Alloy 1-Bolt

Since my carbon post was driving me nuts (and I had scratched the hell out of it constantly readjusting tightening) it was time to remedy it with something new.  I debated for a while whether to get another carbon (and treat it right) or go alloy - specifically WHITE.  Well, you can see what won out in the end.  In reality (well the "reality" of holding things in each hand and "weighing" them) I don't think I've sacrificed any weight in the switch.  But I have gained a whole bunch of awesome - and the color is only the beginning!!

Check this out!  One bolt bitches!

Super sweet design with one bolt adjustment.  Saves on weight, space but adds on style and ease - I like that!!  It even came with rail "placement holders" which I will hold on to forever until I find a use for them... new residents for the random drawer.

So how does it look??

Clean... I felt bad putting a gorgeous clean post in my dirty bike... but that's how I roll.

I know, time for a new saddle

New grips too....

Too much white? Hell, I have white bars on the HiFi I could throw on here too if I wanted to completely mental, ha ha.

With the set back my bundle doesn't even detract from the glory!
My last post was straight, no set back - and it worked fine most of the time.  In some placements of the EBB I did feel a little out of position - so hopefully this will allow for adjustments to keep a more consistent positioning regardless of bottom bracket placement.

Adjustments so far have been soooooooo simple.  I'll get it dialed in (fore/aft, nose angle, and height) today and let you know how everything feels.  Will there be a difference in performance between the carbon and this alloy post?  If this thing stays put, will I even care??

I'll let you know.

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