Wednesday, May 14, 2014

POW! Right in the kisser

Whoever said getting a wisdom tooth pulled is no big deal is an ass!  Oh wait, that was me...

I got a wisdom tooth pulled on Monday. Besides it taking 2 hours and requiring 2 extra shots of novocaine throughout the process, I felt pretty ok Monday night. I totally expected to go to work yesterday. 

Then at about 4am when the pain meds wore off I awoke feeling like I had been in a wreck.


I did go to work, but just to pick up paperwork I could do at home... that was until I took a pain pill. Pain pill equals zero ability to focus on anything/random surges of sleepiness. 

Sooooo no social ride for me yesterday. Add the threat of something crazy sounding - dry socket - and I'm not doing anything that could bring that to fruition. The only thing that I do normally that could increase the chances of dry socket would be spitting. No, I'm not a cowboy walking around targeting spittoons.

But I do tend to spit when I ride, so this weekend becomes questionable. Sure I guess I could do my best NOT to spit, or just let the water dribble out after swishing water... but I also need to make sure everything is healing right. I wouldn't want my new blood clot to explode under heavy effort of a race. 
Plus, there is that whole thing of waiting for parts to come in for said race. I love when you get 2 day delivery, thinking that will give you plenty of time, when they won't even fill the order for 3-5 days.  One shipment is already projected to arrive the day after the race... I could race without that order - but I need the other order with the chainring for the race so I can keep my legs from blowing off my body on the climbs... So my second chance gravel race in West Virginia is most likely a no go.  Sucks. 

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