Thursday, May 22, 2014

more stuffs

Besides the sweet seat post, which I've hopefully remedied with a new Niner collar.  TheMutt mentioned he might have one for me, but since he had just helped TomTom build up his Niner I figured it may have already been gifted, so I stopped by The Cycle Path to get my own.  When I got home I received the following text:

I certainly do appreciate TheMutts generosity (or just over abundance of seatpost collars...), but I'd already supported my LBS, so I installed my hard earned collar - fingers crossed this will be a more effective part than the piece that came on the frame (not a Niner).  

Other new bits that I got the other day... and are still sitting uninstalled in the same exact place where I took pictures of them...

I wanted a red chainring to bling out the Silk Worm, but alas the cranks were 110, and the red stuff were 104... (to the laymens, basic difference is one has 5 bolts, the other has 4).  In any case, I got a more trail friendly, and climb friendly, chainring so I can start grinding down some mountainsides.  I also tossed a garmins mount in my virtual chopping cart so I wouldn't have to continually swap mounts between bikes.  not overly difficult, but enough of a bother that throwing a few bucks at the problem seemed worth it.

Clement X'Plor MSO, for more cushion (40) in the front.  It's like the Ardent of the gravel world.  I'm going to run the Silk Worm like the Glow Worm, fatter up front and "normal" in the rear.

Pink Twin Six water bottle... another virtual shopping cart good price grab.  Plus it's pink.  Figured it would go nicely with my Cx Pistols kit.  

White water bottle cage.  Not for the Silk Worm.  I cannibalized a black cage from Georgia so that I could stow two bottles on the Silk Worm.  I had been running one white and one black on Georgia to meld with the paint scheme, but figured two white might look right.

5 Hour Energy - not ordered.  FREE.  And the puppy approved.

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