Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ground control

I left the house yesterday without my pocket computer.  I realized it before I hit the highway, but I didn't have time to head back to get it if I wanted to pretend to be a responsible adult and get to work on time... so I didn't.  It was weird, but if I was to forget my phone on any day, yesterday was the day to do it because I was proctoring an AP exam in the afternoon.  And when you proctor, you can't do anything.  No reading, writing, no computer, no internet, no phone, no eating or drinking anything, just watching students take a test.  So for much of the day I would have been sans phone anyway... so blah.  BUT, that did mean I didn't get to post yesterday (typically my posts are a combo job... some on the phone, finish up on the computer).

This weekend Annie and I headed to her home town (which we've since decided that Boston feels more like our home town than our actual home towns...) to visit her parents for her birthday.  For all you nerds out there, her birthday is stars wars day.

However, we also celebrated yesterday - which is the birthday I'm pushing for - Cinco de Mayo!  Either way, I guess it's pretty cool.  Although our dinner wasn't fiesta themed, we did get a pretty sweet message on our way back to the car.

So there was that...

Anyway, back to the trip to West Virginia, or as some call it, Western Virginia.  Which will have to wait until tomorrow as it's the day AFTER course selections were do... so the craziness continues - back to being responsible.


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