Monday, October 24, 2011


Because I'm not a fan of the U2 song....

So Friday night I'm out in the woods doing my good deed for the school - chaperoning a group of seniors on their site for the Haunted Hayride we do every year.  Great group of kids really... a bit wild, but I like the just the same.  They had a great idea this year and it went off flawlessly.  my iphone didn't do it justice here:

So here is a youtube version (not us):

My job was to play the music.  I got to replay the most annoying song from jersey shore this year...  

So the next step for me.... the ER.  No joke.  I was feeling dizzy and weak all night out there in the woods.  Didn't know what was going on so I kept checking the generator to make sure I wasn't sucking down fumes... and then popping soft batch cookies to "keep up my strength."  

When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep.  I woke up (on the couch) the next morning.  Sat up and looked straight ahead.  The room was violently moving and wouldn't stop....  Eventually it settled down (about a minute) and I was able to wobbly shuffle to the bathroom.  Then quickly back to the couch with my head in my hands.  After the third time of refusing to go to the doctor I decided this wasn't cool and gave in to Annie's next request.  Honestly, if she hadn't asked at that moment I was about to tell her I thought I needed to go.

After speaking to a number of doctors, a couple tests - blood drawn, EKG, the whole deal some Neurologists came down to look at me as well.   The best they can figure is that from an illness earlier in the week there may be some residual swelling in my inner ear (no ear infection or pain, ever) and that is likely the cause of the dizziness and being off balance when moving.   Threw a couple prescriptions at me and I'm back home.  I was happy to get out of there after being there all day and not eating.  

But what does this mean for me?  No driving... while on medication, AND the 10 days after my last symptom... so that could be a while sans driving.  The fear being that vertigo could come back at anytime.  I will have a follow up with the Neurologists this week to check in and whatnot.  They did not feel I needed my brain scanned since I had feeling all over my body and my reactions were pretty good (considering I was dizzy).

But most importantly, and most detrimentally, that means no riding a bike... or working out.  Lazy slob for a while - commence!!

So get out and ride while you can... cause I'm coming for you when the world rights itself!!

Oh, and here's the education for the day - my resting heart rate is sub 50 (47-48).  Holla at cha boy!!

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