Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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You know what is worse than snakes on a plane??

The TV edit was just too hilarious to pass up!!

But children.  Children on a plane are worse than snakes on a plane.  As you have learned from the above clip - all you have to do is open up a few windows and your snake problem is pretty much handled.  Children, on the other hand, aren't so easy to deal with.  People generally frown upon the hurling of children from windows of any sort, let alone 30,000 feet up...

So you have two types of offending children.  You have the babies who freak because the pressure from altitude changes is doing it's thing and they have no clue how to clear that junk.  (Annie suggested giving the babies some gum... good parenting??)  Then you have the 2-3 year olds who think it's cool to scream their heads off for god knows what reason.  Then you get the "cool" parent who plays along with it instead of telling their kids to settle down!!  I know you THINK it's cute that you can get your kid to say "wwhhhhhoooooo" when you raise your hands in the air but it honestly is no huge feat... and it's freakin annoying on a small ass plane where I can't get the hell away from you.  So JUST STOP IT!!!

So that sums up the travel portion of our weekend. 

The weather in the Charlotte area was awesome (although apparently Boston had to outdo it when we were gone!!).  Spent most of the time outside of Charlotte, which was.... interesting.  Helped our friends find a potential home, so that was exciting.  But got no riding in... kinda bummed about that, but overall had a great weekend so it's all good.  Did catch a glimpse of Pee Wee's (my buddy actually works down the street so he will likely be an expert on the trails there sometime soon), although from what he said it seems like it's been in a state of neglect for a while now.

That's Charlotte.

So after a long weekend of no riding I hit the trails after work yesterday.  Isn't it AMAZING to find new trails in a system you've ridden before?  The kind of trails that make you forget where you are even riding.  It was kick ass for sure.  PLUS I got to use the light for the first time!!!  And this is the verdict...

I am hooked on night riding because night riding is hooked on me.... or something like that.  But seriously, it kicked some major ass.  Soap box mounted... every rider must ride at night!  New riders especially, ride at night.  From my short jaunt (threw the light on as the sky quickly darkened toward the end of my ride) I noticed that riding in the dark, and relying on your light, forces you to look farther down the trail... and to soak in the trail and react from memory to the obstacle as your wheel reaches them... This keeps you from looking down and focusing on the rocks and roots you are about to split, but instead to just keep moving forward.  I don't know if it was real or just a feeling, but I swear I was rocking downhill runs slightly faster with the light than I would with daylight... weird.  But I am excited for more night riding, and the fact that this will lengthen my riding season (until the snow forces me to rely on the trainer - which I will likely be acquiring this week) is sweet ass!

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