Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting stuff

So TheMutt has me jealous!!  Yesterday he wrote how he got a sweet package from Backcountry Research (that was A LOT of links in a very short amount of time).

The sweetest part of the package was a surprise jersey... (the straps are sweet too - I'm guilty of rocking an Awesome Strap - RACE myself).  But the jersey... awww the jersey.

A nice homage to Dicky for sure.  And now I want one... but they are gone!!  And have been for a while!  So why wasn't I paying attention when they were available??  That I do not know.

So since I don't get hooked up with sweet packages... with even sweeter secret gifts... I ordered myself something.  And I guess I can pretend that I got the hook up since it was on sale...

After dropping the machismo that hinders one from getting all lycra'd up I enjoyed the delicious magicness that is the bib for the first time this season.  The amazingness of a bib can only be described as a sense of freedom, a sense that nothing is hindering movement... giving you a naked ride if you will.  Since my first experience riding "free" I've been dying to expand my arsenal (aka my 1 bib short).  Here is the second addition... it's red... so that will make me faster, right?

Also on the way is a box o' socks.  Again, let's just consider this package as part of the "hook up" I receive.


  1. Not red shorts!

    As you get faster, the people you pass will thank you for wearing bib shorts.

  2. Wow! Wish I had seen that before the purchase... Try not to be too jealous when you see me next season! And, are you telling me you don't like to see butt crack on the trail?

  3. I'll sell you my jersey for one million dollars after I get Dicky to autograph it this weekend. Helluva deal.

  4. with the signature I'd be forced to frame that thing!!