Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little of this...

Ready for the random?  Here it comes!!

The other day I told you about my new obsession.  Here is the view.

Hello night light!
Good bye sunlight.

Pure sweetness.  Of course my maiden voyage wasn't in pure darkness, but it blazed the way nicely.  I do, however, think that in pitch black things will get freaky real fast having no peripheral vision to speak of... might take some getting used to.

Didn't get a "real" ride in this weekend as we headed down to CT for the Uconn Homecoming game.  Wow, there is a HUGE difference between Georgia football and Uconn - almost felt like a high school game.  But got to see some old friends, so that was cool.  (Oh, and Uconn managed a win too!)

Sunday I didn't make it to the dirt but rode my but around downtown Boston to check out the movie that is filming.  It's a Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon, and Jeff Bridges movie called R.I.PD (a movie about zombie cops... or something).  I didn't see anyone famous on my travels (Annie saw Ryan Reynolds at the coffee shop by her office) but did see a bunch of smashed up cars, a camera car, and a stunt man... it was a nice 10 or so mile pedal around the inner workings of Boston as I checked the scene out from various angels... enjoy.

Moving cars. 
sweet camera cart (with Maxxis tires)

camera rigged car
(taking shots up the building tops as they drove up and down the street)

Stuntman getting directions

Rehearsing as cars swerved around him

It appears he lands on the street (guessing from the roof top above) causing traffic to swerve to avoid him as he runs away - a big fat zombie perhaps?

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