Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Biker Ailments


As mentioned in my last post, my legs are suffering. It's been two days since my last (second) excursion on a bike and this morning my quads and calves were (to borrow a saying from another Annie) singing Grand Opera. No, I'm not comparing my sore muscles to Paul Sheldon's car wrecked legs literally, but they do hurt. Walking hasn't been an issue as much as moving into a seated position, stretching to reach something off a high shelf or squatting to pick something off the floor. I feel like I could walk on flat terrain for miles (I don't WANT to...but I could) while walking up two flights of stairs is just not in my wheelhouse right now.


As far as my ass, the soreness is somewhat recognizable. Before you start going down the wrong (inappropriate) road on that statement, let me explain. When you venture out into the sun wearing a bikini after months of covering up there's a very specific burn you ALWAYS get no matter how much you try to prevent it. That burn is the most painful right on the line where your bikini bottom separates your legs from your butt. You can put layer after layer of sunblock right there but it never helps. I have no idea why such a burn is inevitable, but now you know a little tidbit about the bikini wearing culture that you might not have been privy to before.

Anyway, the pain that results from such a burn is EXACTLY the same feeling you get after riding a bike for the first time in ages. I referred to them as "saddle sores" right off the bat then was happy to find that the term already exists in the biking world. The saddle sores remain docile during most of the day with the exception of any moment where I decide to sit down, scoot over or lean in any direction. Luckily, I have a desk job (I never thought I'd actually say that) so the saddle sores stay undetected for most of the day.

Side note: I can't easily see that part of my body, but I swear I have to have bruises. Michael assures me this is not the case.


I'm not a good listener. So when Michael suggested I start lifting some weights during the cold months to prepare for riding in the Spring, I quickly identified this idea as logical then promptly forgot all about it. I will really try to focus on all suggestions from here on out. Needless to say, my arms are feeling it today. Most of the pain is in my triceps and forearms, which is unfortunate since my only real arm strength currently lies in my biceps. It seems listening to my husband has finally become a necessity.


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