Thursday, March 24, 2011

How many is too many?

As I was putting together my race schedule for the year I basically did it geographically... where can I get to relatively easily?  So with that in mind I have started with a list of 7 races.
7 sounds ok.  I think?  Maybe it's a bit too much?  I'm feeling like maybe that is a bit overzealous.  I have no real idea of how many races I "should" enter in my first season.

I'm going into this in not quite the riding shape I'd like to be in.  It is what it is at this point, so if nothing else this season will tell me what shape I NEED to be in moving forward (assuming racing fits me and I do continue with it).

So, with the thought that my condition may be severely tested by racing, I'm thinking I need to also consider the timing of the races.  Allowing myself time to not only recover from a race, but to have time to prepare and train for the next race is important.  After all, I don't want this season ending up being one long death toll on me.
And yes I do plan on racing in cowboy boots and a top hat.
With that in mind I will be rescheduling to allow about a months time between each race.  This will leave me with just 4 races so far (right now I have nothing scheduled for June or July so if races are posted I may be able to pick up one or two more).

Hopefully time between races and ease of attendance (distance to the race) will help ensure an enjoyable first season.  After all, it is crucial that I enjoy myself throughout this experience if I hope to continue racing in the future.

As always I welcome any suggestions/feedback regarding racing for the first time.  Is this a good scheduling strategy or would just a week or two off in between races be reasonable for a first timer?

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