Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We don't need no stinking coyotes!

First off, I'd like to confirm that fact that my wife is a mountain biking CHAMP!!  She did awesome on her first two rides (the fact that she wanted to bike again the following day - even suggesting that on the car ride home from the first ride - is awesome!) and tackled much more than I thought she would so quickly.  She even got some short bursts of singletrack in on day two... very impressed.

So, what has my progress been?
Monday night we went to dinner with my parents, so no gym time.  Tuesday I did hit the gym.  The gym was a bit crowded initially, which is always annoying.  So my workout was slightly disturbed, but I got it all in.  As I was heading to the bikes I was dreading it.  I was feeling a little tired/weak and I could feel the excuses coming on as to why not ride hard, or even ride at all...

What got me past the excuse of "I'm tired/weakish feeling/light headed" was the fact that there will be no excuses when I'm on the race course.  It won't matter if I feel like I'm dead or I'm gonna faint, I'm gonna have to push through it somehow, and if I can't at least spin at the gym for 30 minutes I'll likely be in that position during the race.

Plus, what's the worst that can happen??  I mean, if I were to push myself to exhaustion out on a ride... all alone in the dark scary woods... I may end up as a nutritious snack for a pack of vicious coyotes, and no one wants to be a coyote snack!  But I'm pretty sure there aren't any coyotes at the gym, let alone roaming the streets of Southie, so I should be good on that front.

Anyway, there are no excuses from here on out.  No talking myself out of hitting the gym, or getting on that bike to spin at the end of each workout, or why I'm not out on the trails as the conditions permit.

It's on! (off to the gym)

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