Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Finally I've gained access to the garage/shed in the back of the property.  The previous tenants did not leave the key, so we were waiting to receive it by mail (apparently Matthews is just way too far of a drive for them to return the key?).  Well, we still hadn't received the key by Sunday and the washer and driver would be delivered on Wednesday, something had to be done with all the bike stuff piling up in the "laundry room."  Our landlords had a locksmith come out and remove the lock so I could gain access and use the space - and more importantly - secure the space!

First thing first... clean that mother out!  (another big thanks to the previous renters... lots o' cardboard to be handled - but I did also score a sweet Gillian Michaels Ultimate Dumbbell DVD)

Garage - front and center (not soooo bad)
Garage - right (some random crap on shelves)

Garage - left (dusty, dirty shelves)

Storage Room (wish I had a need for a cardboard fort right about now!!)
 After some cleaning sweeping of the place out, breaking down cardboard, organizing the "left overs" I've got some very real and useable space.  The one detriment to the space??  No electricity.  Old wiring out there so the owners don't want us using the electricity out there.

Hey, that's what those green extension cords are for!!  Stretch one across the yard and out there so I can at least get a light out there (and maybe a mini fridge) so I can complete the Bike Haven.

Garage - so fresh and so clean... just a pile up of garbage and cardboard to go out next week (bins are already filled!!)

Bike Haven - Annie Approved!!

Bike Haven - the bikes have a home!!  (Much more still needs to get out there and organized, but it's a start!)
This also means we have a more official, and comfortable, Mac station.

Annie hate's my 60's chair "acquired" from the University of Georgia's College of Education - so it WILL be relegated to the Bike Haven.


  1. nice. I miss my garage. guess it's time to build a new one...

    1. if you build it, give it electricity - it's a real bummer the wiring is so old out there - the landlords won't let us use it... some extension cords should do a good enough job I think!!