Friday, September 14, 2012

Phase 2

So the move, phase two, is complete.  Annie and I are now in Charlotte proper.  SWEET!!  After a week of "officially" being in the house (first couple days were filled with moving stuff but staying in Denver) we finally have internet back up and running.

As you can imagine, with the moving and whatnot, riding has taken a hit... but I still had stuff that I wanted to share.  Too much to get into right now without being a scatter brained maniac.  So, what I will do instead is get back to blogging on the reg - things are much cooler "on the reg."

I won't be THAT big of a cryptic bastard... so here is your outline for the forthcoming installments (in no particular order, and in no particular percentage of completeness):

- I "crashed" riding on Thursday, and it felt GOOD!!
- I have newness on the HiFi which has exponentially increased my speed*
- I rode my new favorite (albeit temporary) trail
- I have a space dedicated for all my bike stuff - pending...
- And this sweetheart

Hopefully the weekend will bring more bike worthy news to be shared with the masses... but that's it so far.  Yes, not an overwhelming list, but I'm putting said list together standing while the Mac sits atop a Craftsman tool cabinet - not all moving is complete.

Today I'm attending an informational session which may or may not lead to a new direction for my future... we shall see... so maybe that should be added to the list.

Get out and ride this weekend!!

*I'm still waiting for The Science to back me up on this one.

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