Thursday, September 20, 2012

Born out of necessity

We still haven't cleared all of our boxes out of storage and brought them to the new place.  This means, in the stragglers are the odds and ends that aren't necessary for major life functions.

This also means, in a time of need, we are without.  As was the case of my desire to go ride the roads of Charlotte (outskirts).  Typically I write down my cue sheets on a nicely trimmed piece of computer paper (or the like) and tape it to the top tube in a shingle like fashion so as each sheet is done I can rip it off to reveal my next list of turns.

On Saturday I was destined to explore some of the roads and routes available to me from our new place.  Without tape I wasn't sure how I'd track my route while on the road.  Yet, that wasn't my only problem... no paper.  Luckily I'm a stingy mother f-er and I save all the envelops from junk (and not so junk) mail to use as not paper and such.  So cutting up a few envelopes proved to be the perfect cue sheet material for the device I was forced to use.

In comes a binder clip.  I'm not sure why Pinocchio had a plethora to share, but he did so I obliged.

Acting as McGyver-ish as I could I slipped one of the metal johnnies under the Garmin cradle on my handle bar and there you have it... as snug fit that would would allow the clip to hold my stiff (er than computer paper) cue sheets in a clearly visible, and easily swappable, manner.

Jammed that badboy right up in there

I've now got a new cue sheet system to carry forward thanks to the boxes of random left in the storage unit.  Sometimes I think McGyver really was an American Hero.

I'm Canadian... eh?
So far I've found my way to UNCC - the reason being was my "possible future plan"... I will be applying to the PhD program there in Health Psychology...  and while I was at it I also road an alternative way home.... I need to find some more "country roads" to hit for "safe" mileage.

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