Thursday, January 12, 2012

The world is flat... Part 2

On Sunday I hit up a brand spankin new trail!  Well, part of a new trail.  It's so new it isn't complete!!  

I missed the first trail work day on Saturday, but decided to check out what was there on Sunday.  Looks like things are shaping up nicely.  And this will add another trail "close" by.  One that will actually be a nice quickstop on the way home from work.  So that is cool.  The plan is to have about 8 miles of trails in there.
What is even cooler is that town of Braintree approached NEMBA to put in bike specific trails.  As I was out there it is clear the land had been pretty neglected (rusty shopping carts, car chassis, mattress, and tons of broken glass) so that is awesome the town wants to put the land to good use and thought of us!!

What isn't so cool was the fact that the place was full of old game trails and a TON of briar bushes.  So I came out of there with little red scratches ALL OVER my shins.  As I was winding my way around trying to figure out the best way to ride what had been completed I could see pink ribbons marking future trail.  When I got home and checked out the route from my Garmins I saw land not yet used... and thus opportunity to spread things out a bit - which I'm excited for.  So far things are somewhat compact, sticking to what elevation there is to play on.  So I am definitely all in on the next trail work day to help out.

But, with fresh cut trails (and briars galore) danger lurks.  All the little stubbies left over from the loppers, the thorns, and broken glass led to a flat... in my rear tire... the one with the tube in it.  Of course!  I made it back to the pterodactyl with a soft wheel.  Pumped it back up and headed home - the next morning... completely flat.  Ah well... time to get more sealant and flip it back to tubeless.

Oh, and riding an actual road bike on the trainer = MUCH BETTER.  Now I can't wait for warmer weather in the Spring to actually get that monster out on the road!

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