Monday, January 16, 2012

Training is on schedule

If the schedule we were considering was that of the Red Line....

Yikes, thus far I can't say I've had anything resembling a consistent workout/training schedule.  I've had spurts, but nothing really resembling a full blown program.  Luckily I don't live down south where they don't really have an off season - they have winter race series, so no rest for the weary!!

For a person who doesn't like order, structure, or making plans... I NEED plans.  Annie compliments me very well in that area, because she is the master planner.  Although, on a couple subjects I do have planning skills.  Lucky for me, once I get a plan in place I LOVE to follow it, to a "T."  So, unlike the Red Line, I will be on schedule from here on out.

But wait, today is a holiday, is that going to screw things up??  It won't anymore.  Part of my struggle to get anything consistent going has been the lack of consistency in my work schedule due to holidays, breaks, half days, meetings, etc.

I won't bore you with the details, but here's the rough sketch.

Weekends = solid mountain biking (as weather permits)
Wednesday = gym day - heavy lifting with the legs.
Monday or Tuesday = max exertion on the trainer (utilizing training videos)
Thursday or Friday (possibly weekend)= another day in the gym to work on strength

I will be on the trainer or my bike everyday.  So on the in between days I'll be doing some bodyweight/light weight exercises and some spinning or intervals on the bike.

So I've put it out there... hopefully the cyber peer pressure will be another support in keeping me on track.
Originally I was psyched for a ride today as forecasts at the end of the week predicted ugly nasty teens and below for temps over the weekend but high 30s for today... well we aren't getting to the high 30s at all... be lucky if we break freezing.  Makes going outside to ride a horrible thought, but I'm doing it.  What's training without a little frostbite?

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