Thursday, January 5, 2012

What day is it?

I dunno... November??

So I totally missed a post yesterday with just a mix up on days of the week!!  I guess having Monday off and Wednesday being a short day for the kids has really thrown me for a loop!!  Today feels like Friday.  To top off the week I have a meeting in Boston at 11 tomorrow... so I get to drive to the suburbs to work for about 2 hours, drive back to Southie, hop on the T and attend a 2 hour meeting... and DONE!  Overall a good deal I guess.  And I could actually get out of coming out to school - but I feel guilty missing a whole day for a 2 hour meeting at 11.  I'm a good kid.

Since I'm at work, this is going to be short. 

But it's going to get into the high 30s today so that means it's ride time!!  This morning I had the choice of:
1.  Bring the 4300 and stop at a LBS for some new brake pads.
2. Bring the HiFi and take off the smoothie and throw a tube and knobby on the back
2b.  Stop at a LBS to get some sealant to go tubeless on the rear again.

Since I've been small wheelin it on the trails I felt it was time to get the big guys dirty again before the snow takes over.  I'll throw a tube on for now, and get some more sealant and brake pads for the 4300 at another time.  It's all about getting on the trails as fast as possible after work.  As I type I'm charging the battery for my light as half the ride will be in the dark. 

Now it's decision time - where am I going to ride.... 
The only thing I am certain of is that I will ride.  High 30s by the end of the day, I'm psyched!!

(started a new workout routine yesterday... who knew Body Weight exercises could kick your ass so bad!!)

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