Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sunday... soreday

After consuming the most delicious beer in the world, I enjoyed a few more.  Saturday night we went out for dinner with a rowdy crew and they had Old Chub Nitro on tap!!!

Not my can, not my picture 
So I enjoyed a few more.  Miraculously my shoulder wasn't bothering me...

Before I could open my eyes Sunday morning I was well aware of my shoulder.  It was there, it was hurting.  Not stabbing hurting, but aching hurting.  Thoughts rolled around in my head as I woke up, bumping into each other like drunk puppies.

"There is no way I can do 50 miles today with my shoulder already hurting"

"If I do 15, then I'm at 100 for the weekend... I guess that not that bad"

"I probably shouldn't ride at all..."

"I'll put on the team jersey and get my picture taken... probably take off after that..."

"Screw that, I'll ride whatever the majority of the team is riding."

With that though, I packed up my stuff and headed over to Tanglewood.  Met up with the team and got our picture taken.  It was decided that we would ride together and do the 25 mile loop (easier pace).  I was good with that decision, and my shoulder didn't seem to mind too much either as complaints didn't grow louder throughout the day.

Two of our teammates peeled of for a shorter and a longer route, so we were four strong for the majority of the ride.  It was a bit more crowded for the start than we had experienced on Saturday, so as things got all jumbled on a climb D-Wayne and I pulled around the mass of riders and stomped up the hill - just in time to get our picture taken.  Due to my shifting issues the previous day I decided to not shift down for the climb and just stand and singlespeed stomp it.

Once we cleared the mass of riders and regrouped we had a blast.  The roads were FUN!!  Great little loop overall for sure.

D-Wayne put together some kickass jerseys for us!

So I've always appreciated riding on the road, but after this weekend I started actually digging riding in a group.  It is awesome to be able to pull a train along and then join in after putting out a solid effort - so different then solo riding for sure.  I may have to look into actually getting in on some organized rides now and again.  Don't get me wrong, trails will always win over roads - but sometimes riding the road is so much easier (time wise, prep wise, etc).  Then again, the roads and routes we rode for the MS ride were much nicer/easily accessible than they are around Charlotte.  In any case, it was a good time all around (shoulder aside).

The final finish for the weekend.  It felt good - but I also felt like I could have hit the 50 miler that day... a tinge if regret that I hadn't met my pledge mileage goal, but also an overwhelmingly humbling experience.  Thank you all so very much for donating this year.  Your generosity far surpassed my expectations coming into this ride and together we raised over $1000 for MS research and treatment - you are all AWESOME!!

Thank you!!

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