Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where o where?

Not sure if you've noticed but we've been a bit MIA over here.  Well there is a good reason... sort of.

I couldn't leak the fact that were were heading to Florida last Friday because the trip was a surprise for Annie's father who just retired.  We surprised them on their visit to see Annie's sister and had a little party and whatnot.  Fun times for sure.  So we got back Monday... and that is where the excuse ends.  After that it's just a balance of home issues (mystery water drip) and post vacation laziness...  this ends today.

That is... AFTER the plumbers finish up on their 2nd visit to hopefully remedy the errant water.  To best utilize my time I will LIKELY be hitting the Cutler Commute (so as to avoid the whole packing up gear and driving deal).  I say LIKELY because I'm still not sure if the time waiting for the plumber to finish up will entice me to perfect the Fells Commute and try that out instead.  Either way I'll be hitting the road to dirt, enjoying the dirt, and then roadeoing it back home.  (Def. Road-e-oing - the act of a mountain biker impersonating a roadie by utilizing his mountain bike on pavement).

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