Wednesday, July 20, 2011

is it time?

Monday I took as a day off from the bike after the race on Sunday.  My body was tired and aching, but I still went to the gym!  I have also discovered a nice sized mystery bruise on the back of my left hip area... and a smaller one on my spine... and I wondered why my back was aching as I was coming across the finish??  Must have been a result of the mud hole crash.  Ah well.  Oh, and not to mention the intense blister I have on my left heal from hike-a-bike on dead legs...

Free to a loving home!
Tuesday my plans were fuzzy as I had a nice window of "between 10-2" for the Salvation Army to come pick up our stacked washer/dryer unit that has been taking up space in the kitchen.

We built a "real" sized laundry room downstairs and have since been trying to get rid of the unit in the kitchen so I can get busy working on another "job" for the summer... converting the space into storage of some sort (for cleaning supplies, pots/pans, or food... we shall see).
mmm project!!

So the tentative plan for Tuesday was to hit the gym as soon as said washer/dryer was picked up.  As for a ride, that would be dictated by previous said events (washer/dryer pick up and gym time).  They came and almost didn't take the unit because of a small scrape on it... apparently the Salvation Army is very particular when receiving a FREE working washer/dryer, but the driver suggested some nice white nail polish would make it good as far as he would be able to tell... so bingo bango the washer/dryer was gone at about 2 pm.  Leaving me to head to the gym.  I'm digging my new workout routine (with the higher reps and lower weight) as I can certainly feel the workout but without "getting me swole on" as they say in the great state of Georgia.  As previously mentioned, I need to do the opposite and slim down.  Still working on the diet - but that will be the goal for this week, figure out what I'm going to be doing nutritionally and get on that ASAP.  Perfect timing really as we need to hit the grocery store here soon.  After picking Annie up from work I headed over to the Fells for a spin.  I wanted to explore a bit of the southern fire roads as I'll need to know that section when I get my Fells Commute ride up and running.  I had a lot of fun over that - other than the dealing with traffic on the way and subsequently racing the sun to finish my ride...

Today I plan on hitting the Cutler Commute route to get those legs working again and to continue just stretching out my miles.  This time my plan is to get a full ride in at Cutler, so about 10 miles or so??

Random note... during the Boneyard I SWORE the course was switched and we rode through the Boneyard backwards... but apparently (thanks to the magic of the garmins) it wasn't at all, and the course was the same as the pre ride.... very strange how perspectives get mixed up/fuzzy...  kinda blows my mind really!!

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