Monday, May 11, 2015

A hole

The internet is still here... it's been a long time.

LAST week I wanted to post up in advance of my re-entry into the world of racing.  But my week was crazy busy.  So clearly I didn't carve in some blogging time.

Today should be a reflection on my race this weekend (or at least some of the thoughts I had wanted to share leading up to this weekend) but it won't be.  Instead it will be a service announcement of sorts.  I'll set the scene.

After my race on Saturday I headed out to the Teeter to pick up a few things for movie night with Annie.  Stinky bike guy at the grocery store - that's me 90% of the time I'm there, so nothing new.

On my way home I turn onto my street to find an older fellow crossing the street (not at the crosswalk).  No issue.  It's a sharp turn onto my street off the main drag so I have to slow way down to take the corner in second gear and off the accelerator while making the turn.  As I see the gentleman I remain off the accelerator, giving him ample time to cross.  I pass by said gentleman as he is in the middle of the oncoming lane.


Huh?  I stop the pterodactyl.  Confused as to what just happened.  

Was my music too loud sir?  Well no, I heard you call me an asshole.

Was I driving too fast sir?  Well no, you did not need to hasten your step to cross in front of me.

Perhaps he was a Yankees fan and my Red Sox hat threw him into a rage?  

I poke my head out the window, looking back at him "What was that?"

He was now on the sidewalk, and looked a bit shocked that I interacted with him.  He said nothing.

"What was that?" I repeated.  I was genuinely curios as to why I had earned his disdain.  But no answer was given.  His eyes drifted downward as he attempted to disengage from the confrontation.

"Well alright then!" I offered as a fare-the-well.

I've been an asshole plenty of times, sure.  The majority of the time, not so much.  That day - I couldn't find anything assholeish about my behavior - but what do I know?

Moral of the story.  If you call someone an asshole, have a reason.  And articulate that reason if said reason is called upon.  Just as you are holding said asshole accountable for their actions (by calling them an asshole) you must also be willing to be held accountable for yours (calling someone an asshole).  

Smiling at a stranger can brighten their day, and makes you feel better for - so do that...  Unless someone is being an asshole.  Just make sure you can tell them why they are an asshole.

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