Thursday, October 10, 2013


Yesterday I got some GREAT advice from everyone's favorite wheel builder, Dustin.  Butt Butter.  Yup, it's real.  I've never used anything in my chamois before.  Sure I've gotten irritated here and there (stuff you really want to know about, I know) but for the most part things are good down there.  BUT, I think 6 hours could certainly be enough time to make saddle sores a pain in my ass... yup.

Dustin recommended good old Chamois Butt'r.  I am pretty sure I got a little tube of this stuff at a race earlier in the year... but haven't gotten the chance to search for it in the pile of bike stuff behind the pile of bathroom construction stuff - which, by the way is almost complete.  I will obviously look for it tonight, and if I don't have anything, I'll have to make a late/early run to a bike shop somewhere to get something for my... comfort.

What I already had on the list of things to get for prep was more Osmo Active Hydration.  Seriously, this stuff is the STUFF!!  I plan on loading up bottle after bottle with this stuff and  I WILL concentrate on downing a bottle per lap to stay as fresh as I can be over 6 hours.  While I was at my LBS I picked up a bottle as well.  Some people complain about having too many bottles - I don't have that problem.  You all remember how sad I was with loosing a ratty old bottle, don't you?    So now I have a fresh pretty one to enjoy this Saturday.  Eating will also be a priority.  And in that arena I'm still experimenting on what does the job.

Last night we finally got the washer and dryer hooked back up so I'll be doing stacks of laundry all night to make sure I'm ready for the weekend.  I should probably go ride my bike as well since I haven't ridden all week... who knows if I'll have time.

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  1. Gluck on the race, be prepared to feel weird when you pull your pants down and lube up, I tried it for the first time in years of saddle sores, can't vouch for it since I already has sores at the time.