Tuesday, October 1, 2013

good separate, great together

I like riding bikes.  It's a little known fact, but I figure we know each other well enough now for me to be able to share that secret with you.

I also like taking pictures.  That you may know.  Or maybe you don't.  Pay attention.

When I first started taking pictures it was all in black and white, and all on film.  I liked it.  A lot.  I'd only take nature/architecture pictures, that was just my thing.  I've since acquired a digital camera and, although nature/architecture/objects are my favorite subjects, some of you may have seen me taking pictures at races.  It's been fun to be able to race, and then get back out on the course and take pictures of other racers killing it, surviving it, or just riding it.

Taking pictures at races has been both fun for me, and nice for riders - because who doesn't like an action picture of themselves on the bike??  I mean, it's nice to have proof of what a badass you are for all your coworkers without having to crash to prove it to them... so stop crashing and just let me take you damn picture!!

Joking aside, I haven't been able to take pictures after racing down here as much just due to the timing of races.  The heats seem to go off a lot quicker so by the time I've been finished and "recovered" the rest of the guys and gals are already out on the course... so no time to get back out and scout a good spot.... so it's fallen off as things I do.  Sorry about that.

Saturday I dropped Annie off at the airport for her annual LA trip with her best friend.  They have fun, make reservations under my last name and get treated to the best seats in the house cause of it, and of course enjoy a nice steak on the sidewalk while talking to Christopher Walken.  I thought about getting out for a ride before the Georgia game... but that's as far as I got.  So Sunday was the day to ride.

Sunday came and it felt more like a crappy movie on the couch kind of day.  So I watched I Robot for the millionth time (most viewings being as I fell asleep at night).  Finally I said screw it and got up to ride.  But motivation was minimal so decisions were hard to come by.  Then I decided it was time to take pictures...  What better way to explore my new city?  So I grabbed my camera, hopped on georgia, and cruised around finding things to take pictures of.  I had two destinations in mind from previous rides, and was open to explore anything and everything in between.

Mostly I just took pictures of trains and Charlotte

I can NEVER turn down a good sign.  I'm sure it's informative and important to the operation of the train, but seriously... I can only be so serious.

I took a bunch more, you can check them out here eastwood9er.tumblr.com

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