Wednesday, October 30, 2013


After tearing down, cleaning, and building back up the Glow Worm I'm still having EBB issues. I've already upgraded to the two bolt EBB AND I'm using Oatey's to give it that extra hold and nothing seems to work. 

Last night I hit up the trails behind my school and by the end I had slack in my chain. That was a non strenuous ride of around 3 miles maybe. That ride also included me discovering my headset was loose (thought it was my front wheel at first) and having my seat post just a hair too tall. Of course I didn't have my multitool with me because I had been carrying it in my beer bag for the BYE and forgot to take it out... annoyance. 

I tried to do a little trail maintenance while I was out there.
I came upon this fallen tree and at first I figured I'd have to walk it because of its length, there was no where to try to pull it to to get it off the trail. I was able to crack it, so I was hopeful I would be able to get it in manageable pieces but I wasn't able to get it to break all the way through. Ah well. 

As I was heading over to our weekly group ride I stopped for gas. When I leaned back into the car to put my wallet away I noticed this. 
I had certainly recognized I had hit some webs while riding, but I had no idea I had picked up a passenger!  The freaky thing about him was his legs - they looked like really sharp piercing legs. So I carefully and slowly lifted my helmet up and out of the pterodactyl so I could get him off my helmet using my gloves. He fell to the concrete and scurried to a crack where he hunkered down. I let him be. As much as spiders freak me out when they are on me, I'm cool with them doing their thing... away from me. 

The group ride was great. Solid turnout with some newbies to group rides and night rides, so that was awesome. TheMutt let me use his tools so I could get my headset and EBB right. The EBB held out for the night ride. It just feels like a time bomb. Some rides I have no worries, others it just seems to want to slip and eject my chain. 

I'm very close to bringing it in to see if there is an issue with my bottom bracket, or if I'm some sort of singlespeed mongo who just can't get it right. I may be in the market for a frame with horizontal dropouts - any suggestions/recommendations?

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