Monday, October 28, 2013

getting there

Haven't been riding lately.  BUT, I did get the bike haven cleaned (at least preliminarily so) and trying to figure out how it will be organized so I can get going on work bench building and the hanging of some bikes.

After that I tore the Glow Worm down an cleaned it up, put it back together again... but didn't ride it.

Sunday I "rode" the HiFi out at the BYT as I spectated and took pictures of the BYE.  I was more of the idea man of some of the spectator shenanigans out there, but TheMutt really brought it to life with the aid of a few friends.  I'm still working through the photos from the event.  Some you will see here.  Some you will see over at B-43 - I've got to share the love.

Today I do have some photos from a race I went to a while back that I never got to share.  D-Wayne was in town for a cross race.  I don't race cross, but I certainly will spectate when the race is less than a mile from my house.

In cyclocross you:

Run through sand.

Run up a hill.

Continue to push your bike up said hill.

Ride your bike, and sometimes even hit a sweet jump

Then you get to pick up your bike (again) and jump over wooden barriers, repeatedly.

Some more riding.

Goof off with the spectators.

And after a predetermined time limit of just killing yourself out there you finally see the end is near.

D-Wayne did well out there, but I had no idea it was a nail biter of a finish... or at least it was in that guys estimation.

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