Monday, February 10, 2014

Three wheel motion

Nice, but not the kind I'm talking about...
I was in Florida this weekend spending some time with Annie's sister, her husband, and their adorable niece.

Here we are at lunch messing around with the can our bread came in. 

We turned it into a drum. Notice the flames coming out of her butt?  Yeah, she's a bad ass!

At one point we were walking around a Farmers Market and I brought her over to look at a bike. She told me (more like responded "yes" to my questions - she's 2) that she rides a bike and that she always wears her helmet. What a good girl!

So when we got back home it was time to check out this sweet ride of hers. I showed her how to do the pre ride safety check. She was very interested in making sure the wheels wouldn't fall off.

Then she showed me what she could do. She is still a little small for the tricycle (her feet can't stay on the pedal completely through the pedal stroke) but the again, it is made for 3-4 year olds. But she did a good job pushing on the pedals!

And since I hadn't gotten to ride this weekend it was my turn to take a spin!

We had a great time visiting family this weekend. But it was great to get home to the puppies, the Walking Dead, and my package (which finally arrived) - get your minds out of the gutters!!  

I will talk about that excitement tomorrow. Probably while sitting around at home all day since it looks like more snow is coming. 

This never gets old. 

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