Wednesday, February 12, 2014

There Is No Place Like Home

Were you able to come to any conclusions as to what my new bike shoes would look like from the picture from yesterday?

old bike shoes + my red sneakers = my new shoes
Giro Privateer MTB shoe(s)

When I first dreamt of next pair of bike shoes, even before needed new shoes, I had a thing for the yellow. But let's face it, I'm not fast enough for yellow shoes.  Red quickly replaced yellow as I got TONS of compliment on my red sneakers whenever I walked around a bike race. I like my red sneakers (which themselves need some replacing soonish) so why not red bike shoes?  As luck would have it was having a sale and BAM - they had red shoes!  

Um... why were you on you might ask?  Fair question. As part of my Demon Spawnsorship with Asylum I get a sweet discount over at - so there is that. My question to you is, why haven't you been over there?  They have some pretty sweet deals!!  And to be honest, the deal I got on the shoes straight from their site was better then my sponsorship deal, so get over there and reap the savings fool!

Color - Glowing Red/Black. Hell ya!

Of course I did my due diligence and researched the hell out of them. Reviews were great. People compared them to much higher priced SIDIs in both comfort and performance. And then there was the fact that they are RED!  Sold. 

They feel amazing (walking around the house). I'm psyched that for the final race down in Georgia I will not only be able to sport my Team Glow Worm kit (got it back last race all fixed up), but I'll have snazzy new shoes and a friendlier cog in the back. If nothing else, I will look better as I collect my belt buckle!!

These shoes may not be as magical as Dorothy's, but they will get me home - I'll just have to pedal my way there...

Oh, keep your mitts off of them, they are mine!

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