Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lunch Tray

An old friend of mine used to always say "you know it was a good workout when you leave and your arms are stuck like you are carrying a lunch tray."  Welp, I had a good workout.  Although, I guess at this age it's a little less "lunch tray" and more like batgadgets.

So day one of doing stuff is in the books.  It felt pretty damn good to be back in the gym - even though it was small and crowded... but I was working out and that was awesome.

I did jump on a stationary bike to start my workout and I suppose I picked the hardest program on there.  I did a hill climb and really put my legs to work.  I concentrated on keeping my cadence high so inevitably my legs were burning and I was a sweaty mess!!  I did come to realize something while on the bike - I give up pretty easily when I'm out riding.  Not so much in terms of actually riding the trail - but pushing tempo.  Not far into the "hill" climb my legs were asking for me to back off the tempo.  Seeing how far I had to go in the workout it was tempting.... but I didn't.  This was a "no fail" situation so why should I back off??  Worse comes to worse I can totally drop difficulty and spin out - so I pressed on.  Further and further into the workout I kept pushing back the "deals" I was making to myself to let up a bit.  Before I knew it I was on the "backside" of the "hill" and my workout was coming to an end.

Even though it was a silly stationary bike workout, it was profound.  I don't need to give into my legs so quickly - even though they whine, they can still produce so I need to keep pushing those pansies.

I should be getting my ferris wheel cog today so I'll get that on the Glow Worm... with an easier gear and the knowledge that I need to ignore my crying legs, this round of the Snake could be a good one!!

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