Monday, June 17, 2013


I feel like I've been transformed into a grown up and am now overwhelmed with grown up responsibilities.

I'm not overwhelmed really.  And I was a grown up.  Seriously, I was!!

But with the house comes the joys of doing crap around the house.  This is the part I'm conflicted about.  I love finding all the projects I need/want to do around the house to get this place running the way it should.  But, as we all know, home projects can be major time sucks.

And what is the first thing to lose out when we are talking about reallocating our time?  Bikes.

Yup.  Last Tuesday felt like it was the first time I was on a bike in like 2 WEEKS!!  Incidentally, last Tuesday was the last time I was on a bike.  UGH!

They are calling for - more rain this week.

I'm gonna push through the "reorganizing" phases here in the house, which will help straighten out the bike haven, in hopes that harmony will be restored to our dwelling and my "house demands" will become more fluid and adaptable to riding opportunities/NEEDS.

Hope you all got your fix this weekend.  To all the father's out there, hope you enjoyed your day/weekend!

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