Monday, July 16, 2012

Mini trails

Friday I went for a mid-day ride over at North Mecklenburg Park.  I'm really digging getting to hit up fresh new-to-me trails.  North Meck is one of the stops on the Charlotte Mountain Bike Series which is a race series that happens on Wednesday nights at various trails around Charlotte.  A pretty sweet idea if you ask me.

So, from what I gathered it was a short track - 3.5/4 miles long.  I was getting closer to (the shorter side of) 3 miles per lap.  So after the first lap I was worried I missed a section.  I poked around a little and used the intelligent resources given to me by my phone but it looked like I was hitting the trail correctly...  I ran through 4 laps.  It was a fun fast place.  A few rooty sections but mostly the fast buff flow I've been seeing thus far.

As I was tearing around I did have to wonder how they hold races here... there were passable sections here and there, but for the most part I could see getting stuck on the wheel of the rider in front of you for far too long.  So many switchbacks to maneuver at speed - throw in trying to jockey for position and you have a recipe for disaster.  I guess it would all come down to good communication with your fellow racers and good sportsmanship on their part to give up a line when appropriate.

As I was leaving the trails Sean texted inquiring about an after work road ride.  As the sweat poured from me I pondered the proposal.  Might be a good idea with the impending day on the lake and pulled pork to follow coming up on Saturday (not to mention the adult beverages to be enjoyed on the lake and afterwards...).  As I pulled into the driveway at TH the skies opened up and it started to pour.  Had ourselves a righteous little thunderstorm - had the whole house shaking.  So that was that, no road ride that evening.  

This week I expect to hit some more new trails.  Between looking at houses and searching for jobs I've been looking at single speed options.  Since I started riding I've always been mesmerized by the kermit green Niner One9.  Now that they've gone on to a new design the older kermit green models are on discount...  I don't know if I can justify the money that would cost, or if I'd be fast enough to merit a Niner, but that doesn't stop me from drooling!

Bare Assed

Thom P's ride - before he blinged it out in pink.
Of course there are many other bikes I've been mulling over... more financially "responsible" bikes.  And of course, nagging me in the back of my mind, do I want to drop a lot of cash on a bike that I may end up not enjoying... Although, to be completely honest I could see ABSOLUTELY loving running one speed on the trails down here.  So far everything I've faced I could see railing with a ss.  

mmmmmmm.  Don't you just love biking?

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